Virtual Reality Meets NASA in Seattle

Chronos VR Development School will be hosting a VR Jam themed “Space” this Sunday, April 17 from 8 am to 5pm at SURF Incubator. “We are particularly excited about the convergence of space exploration and Virtual Reality. Chronos VR is hosting this event to support newbies and developers alike in preparing VR entries for NASA’s Space Apps challenge the following week”, says Chronos VR Development School Founder, Ricardo Parker.

The VR Jam is a condensed version of how Chronos VR courses are taught. “Our unique fluid combination of workshops and hands-on experience with the one-on-one training enables rapid content creation, even for those with no VR experience. We will be providing seven HTC Vive workstations, a staff of trainers, a series of workshops, free digital assets, and rapid development methodologies that will make it possible for VR Jam attendees to actually build something significant in one day” Parker continues, “Come join us to build something amazing for space exploration.”

When people buy a ticket for the Jam, they are guaranteed a seat on a team. Teams will be comprised of 5 or more people, and each team will have an HTC Vive to work with as well as a computer built for VR development, and access to Chronos Instructors.

Participants seeking a less hands-on experience or with more general interests in VR tech are also welcome to simply attend the series of workshops, demo the HTC Vive, and watch VR development in action. Workshops will include Unity 3D and Unreal Engine, VR Audio, Autodesk Maya, and developing for Augmented Reality.

As it happens, NASA’s Space Apps Challenge on April 22-24 will be held at SURF Incubator, which is also home to Chronos VR Development School. For more information about the NASA challenge, visit:

For registration and more information about the Chronos VR “Space” Jam, visit:, email, or call (206) 290-8633.

Chronos VR Development School is located at SURF Incubator in Downtown Seattle. Since August 2015, Chronos VR has been offering foundational and expert training for VR enthusiasts and developers through a variety of courses. Chronos VR is dedicated to promoting VR participation. For more information about the school and it’s upcoming courses, visit



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